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Value to the quality of the product,
of the processes and of the entire production cycle.
Acceptance control of the materials and of the internal and external manufacturing phases

Statistical Process Control (SPC)



Production Planning
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A high quality product, realized with high tech machineries must be meticulously controlled with instruments of equal quality level. Therefore Torneria P.M.S. has realized in its productive department a Metrology room equipped with the most sophisticated and advanced control instruments available in the market, from three-dimensional meter to contact and optical scansion profile meters.

The production areas are equipped with a centralized data processing system, including control islands with terminals linked to the different working machines and to the relevant control instruments (SPC).

Nothing is left up to chance: the raw material is subjected to acceptance control tests according to specific control plans and identified with a code and with a raw material lot number, in order to guarantee a total traceability of the product.

The company is very sensitive to the qualitative aspects as well as the environmental protection and the health of the workers, therefore it is certified according to norm UNI ISO 9001:2015 by the TUV NORD approval agency.

Our quality does not stop to the respect of the tolerance limits or quotes indicated in the drawings, but also includes the entire business management, from the order to the respect of the delivery date.
To such intention, Torneria P.M.S. is using a new computer system for the planning of the production, that allows us to control in real time the advancement of the production and to answer in rapid way to the demands of the client.

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