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Since 1962 until today.
From the sub-supply to the modern business management.
Torneria P.M.S. History of a company became remarkable.

Torneria P.M.S. was established in 1962 and it started as sub-supplier of local famous companies. Early, thanks to the initiative and the entrepreneurial capability of his founder Luigi Michelazzo, the company has asserted itself in the market of the precision machining varying in the production methods and in the market fields.

During the years, the sons Moreno and Corrado have been able to carry on with success the family company, transforming the manufacturing from handcraft to industrial focusing the resources in:

- Technologies investment
- Creating a qualified team
- Total quality
- Customer satisfaction
- R&D Research and Development

In addition to the continuous improvement of the production structure, necessary to satisfy the demand of new industrial sectors, Torneria P.M.S. has recently adopted modern innovation techniques and technologies as:

In 2010: enforcement of business management
In 2011: Installation of photovoltaic system of 150 kW
In 2012: Integrated business management for the production with a new update software
In 2013: R&D creation of a qualified team for the development of new projects on customer demand

In 2014: Optimization of the production cycles through a CAD / CAM software
In 2014: Creation of a new sales network for the German market
In 2015: Starting of Lean Manufacturing Project
In 2015: New metal washer with ultrasounds technology (to remove completely solvents on PMS production processes)
In 2015: Equipments to improve the SPC Quality Controls:
No. 2 Coordinate Measuring Machines ZEISS mod. Duramax suitable to perform controls directly on production shop (near CNC machine tools)
No. 1 roundness meter

For Torneria P.M.S. the main focus is always customer’s satisfaction, but also an eco-friendly progression.

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